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Community Events and Programs
I am available for public readings, signings and programs.  As a writer, social worker and  educator, allow me to help you customize a  program to suit your venue and age group.
For more information on Virtual readings-click on the Pictures tab to find the pull down virtual readings subpage​
Jewish Venues
  • PJ Library programs
  • Synagogue family programs
  • Sukkot programs
  • Pre school
  • JCC's
  • Day schools
  • Hebrew schools 
  • Camp
Community and Friendship
Sky High Sukkah is a story that centers around the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, but it is also a multicultural story about
friendship and community and therefore is a wonderful tool for :
  • Public School-How to write a children's book (Grades 4,5,6.)
  • Public school K-3 (readings)
  • Girl scout clubs
  • library readings
  • Pre-K programs
  • Day care programs
  • Play groups
  • Mommy and me
Writing Workshops
I am available for elementary/middle school writing workshops specifically focusing on story/children's book writing.
Interested in a program? Click on the contact tab at the top for all of my contact information.
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