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Simply Fresh Cooking Demo Themes

All cooking demo's are plant based and typically take 45-60 minutes including questions. All recipes are  dairy, egg and nut free. Some are gluten and soy free as well. All demo's include an extensive recipe booklet with ingredients and instructions laid out in clear and easy language for the amateur and/or advanced baker/cook.


Meal Prep Demo-includes

  • one snack

  • one grain dish,

  • one legume dish

  • Green salad type

Samples are provided, and each recipe is assembled in front of audience-always lots of extras available. Great for learning how to meal prep for the week or creating meals for your family.  Learn how to take inexpensive ingredients and elevate their flavor with a few simple hacks.


Winter Holiday Food Includes

  • Salad

  • Grain Dish

  • Protein Dish -either legume or soy

  • Dessert

Samples are provided-recipe is created/assembled in front of audience (desserts are not since they require baking). 


Healthy Holiday Desserts (Popular)

  • Cookies

  • Bars

  • Cake

  • Holiday type bread

These are baked in advance and samples are provided. Presentation includes eating healthfully on the holidays, quality ingredients for desserts, learning to love the holidays without holiday guilt. 


Spring into Spring

Spring holiday ideas with an emphasis on seasonal foods/produce. 

  • Salad

  • Grain dish

  • Vegetable/fruit specialty (depending on seasonal availability)

  • snack and/or dessert



A whole demo on snacks! Healthy, quick and easy snacks that can help replace that cookie/soda combo in the middle of the day. These snacks will leave you energized without the bloat, sugar crash or lethargy.

This menu changes quite a bit as I like to keep it exciting. Snacks have included- coconut mounds, black bean brownies (try them they are the most popular item), dates stuffed with goat cheese, energy bites, macaroons. 

Prices vary-contact  or 301-351-5151




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