A food allergy diagnosis is scary. Suddenly, you are a deer in the headlights, afraid to eat, and not sure how to feed yourself or your family. I was in that same position 13 years ago. Back then there was no info, research, or even allergy free food and it was completely overwhelming. Today, there is so much information that it's still, if not, even more overwhelming.


When we work together I promise to be your guide, hand holder and sounding board. More importantly, I will help you develop a plan to navigate the daunting task of food allergies that works for you and/or your family.


 Individual Coaching- You will learn

  • Day -to-day management basics

  • Label reading

  • Organizing your food allergy pantry

  • Meal prep

  • Easy and delicious recipes

  • Holiday prep 

  • How to eat out

  • How to travel

  • School and camp plans

Organizational Coaching

Available to work with

  • Pre-schools

  • Elementary/middle schools

  • Day care,

  • Afternoon clubs

  • Organizations looking to make their  a safe and comfortable environment for it's employees. 

3,6,12 month packages
(All Packages Include)
  • One on One Sessions
  • Simple and informative handouts
  • Access to help with weekly online mail communication
  • Free 30 minutes consultation
  • Call 301-351-5151
  • You Don't Have to Navigate This Alone!

The best way to cope with a food alIergy diagnosis is to have a plan-

because nothing tastes as good as safe feels.

New  Series-Coming Soon

You Don't Have to Navigate This Alone

Call 301-351-5151

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