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Chicken Soup-The OG of Bone Broth

Chicken soup with Kale

The Corona Virus has plagued our lives. Truly, it's freaky I'll admit and I can feel the underlying panic as I watch people in masks, or plastic gloves, along with the decline of social niceties like basic handshakes or familial hugs

I too get caught up in the panic as I "mildly" stockpile canned goods, with probably enough beans to get us to the moon and back. Nevertheless, I am trying to focus on keeping the fam healthy, while nurturing our immune systems with good ole vitamin C and nutrient dense foods.

Long before bone broth became the soup du jour, there was good ole chicken soup. I always thought chicken soup was sooooo hard to make. In reality, not so hard. A little time consuming, but really, not that bad. Everyone is different and to make it legit bone broth, well, you have to either roast the bones, or keep em in there a really looooong time. I personally don't, though I know it has its benefits, but when it's cold outside, or you're quarantined or the family is down for the count with regular sniffles, and coughs- good ole chicken soup to the rescue. Ready just in time for dinner. In fact, you can make it your dinner! I added kale to the bowl just as I was ladeling the soup in. Kale is very accomodating that way, it completely yields and wilts with the hot liquid. Did you know that 1/2 cup of kale daily can cut your risk of colds by 55% and trim three days from your recovery? It also beefs up the soup and makes it so filling and delicious! Here's a very simple recipe! Great for chicken soup beginners!!


1 32 oz carton chicken broth

8 cups water

3 lb soup chicken

3 celery stalks

3-4 carrots sliced

2 TBSP kosher salt

Fresh dill (or use whatever fresh herb you prefer-parsley, cilantro)

1 onion diced



spaghetti (for noodles)


Rinse and pat chicken parts dry

Assemble in a large soup pot and/ordutch oven

Fill with broth and water and bring soup to a boil.-skim off any foam or fat that rises to the top.

Once the soup is clear, turn down the heat to simmer. Add salt, carrots, celery and onion.

Let soup simmer for approximately 90 minutes.

Last 15 minutes add the spaghetti.

Remove the chicken meat from the bones. You can either put it back in the soup, or place it in bowls and pour the soup over it (this is my preferred method).

Sprinkle with any fresh herbs.

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