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I Just Met a Drink Named Sangria!

I know July 4 is today! But that doesn't mean you can't make this fruity non alcoholic refresher any day in summer. Introducing my non alcoholic Sangria-all the refreshing fruity taste-but no alcohol so it's appropriate for the entire family. Enjoy and Happy Summer.


12 Grape Juice ice cubes

3 cups pure Grape Juice

1/4 cup pure cranberry juice (use what you have but I like the true red, no mix, no sugar pure juice)

1 1/4 cup Orange Juice

3 oranges cut into slices(then quarter the slices)

3/4 cup blueberries ( I threw in some leftover strawberries too which I quartered).

1 lemon sliced

1 lime sliced

(You can create other fruit combos of your choice. You can also use apples and strawberries. I love the oranges and three was just perfect).

1 can lime seltzer (you can use orange, black cherry, raspberry etc.)


Make sure all the juices and fruits are cold! Keep in the fridge until you are ready to use them.

Make 12 grape juice ice cubes overnight or a few hours before.

Place ice cubes in bottom of pitcher.

Place some of the fruit over the ice.

Pour in the grape and cranberry juice.

Layer with remaining fruit.

Pour in Orange juice .

Place lemon/lime slices on top.

Take a wedge and put it on rim of glass.

Pour in seltzer on top

Chill in fridge.

Check out your YouTube page for a video of this recipe.


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